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We believe our dedicated focus on specific sectors enhances our ability to add value. We have an intimate understanding of trends, opportunities, competitive dynamics, regulatory frameworks, business models, investor sentiment and appetite and valuations within the sectors we cover. We have a broad and deep relationship network with companies, investors and service providers throughout these sectors, and are proactive in our approach.


Education, the 2nd largest component of US GDP, is being transformed, if not disrupted, by technology. Having initiated coverage of the sector in 2002, East Wind has played a significant role in attracting capital to the sector and has been a catalyst during the early stages of sector consolidation.

Our transactions in the education sector have spanned the full continuum of Pre-K, K-12, Post-Secondary, Corporate Training and Continuing Education. Within these areas, our clients have resided in the following segments, among others:

  Adaptive Learning Platforms
  At-Risk Student Products & Services
  Collaborative Software
  College and Career Readiness
  Curriculum Management
  Data technology and services
  English Language Learning
  Instructional Information Systems
  Learning Management Systems   Marketing Services

  Online Program Management
  Independent K-12 Schools
  Post Secondary Institutions
  Professional Development
  Social Learning Networks
  Special Education Content
  Special Education Technology
  Special Education Services
  Student Information Services
  Test Prep

Additionally, East Wind has worked extensively on for-profit / non-profit alliances and conversions with a view towards assisting our clients in achieving their goal of driving their financial, strategic and/or mission-related objectives.

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