East Wind is an independent, industry-focused investment banking firm providing bulge-bracket quality advisory services to companies across the corporate lifecycle and financial sponsors. Senior-level attention, seasoned judgment and relentless pursuit of our clients' objectives
are hallmarks of our firm.


Education, the 2nd largest component of US GDP, is being transformed, if not disrupted, by technology. Having initiated coverage of the sector in 2002, East Wind Advisors has played a significant role in attracting capital to the sector and has been a catalyst during the early stages of sector consolidation.

Media & Entertainment

The digital revolution has arrived, and the urgency to embrace change has never been more acute. Having been active in media & entertainment markets around the globe since the 1990s, East Wind's senior bankers have broad and deep relationships with companies, investors and executives throughout the sector.

Consumer & Retail

Driven by favorable demographic, lifestyle and globalization trends, the consumer sector is large and highly attractive from a growth and profitability standpoint. East Wind's senior bankers have vast experience working across various consumer verticals with both well-recognized and emerging brands.